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  1. 2014/04/17 — 11:15pm #Tsuritama

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  2. I recorded the full Knife City set from PAX East 2014 for anyone that wants to watch it! 

  3. 2014/04/16 — 10:09am #music #knife city #pax east #pax east 2014

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  4. To supplement my PAX post, here’s most of the stuff I got. 

    Canon EOS REBEL T2i - f/1.8 - 1/125th - 45mm

    To supplement my PAX post, here’s most of the stuff I got. 

  5. 2014/04/14 — 07:38pm #me #pax east

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  6. I went to PAX East 2014 and it was super fun and I did lots of cool stuff and talked to really awesome people! So here’s a list of some notable things that happened. 

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  7. 2014/04/14 — 07:36pm #me #pax east

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  8. Day one of pax was great, Anamanaguchi was great, overall great, excited for day two.

  9. 2014/04/12 — 01:34am

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  10. I’m going to PAX East tomorrow I’m so excited

  11. 2014/04/10 — 11:55pm #me #pax east

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  12. Updated my iPhone layout, lockscreen by tkem

  13. 2014/04/06 — 06:10pm #iphone #me

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  14. Monument Valley is a new game for the iPhone, iPad and soon Android, and it’s like Fez mixed with Echochrome and it’s super pretty and everyone should play it. 

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